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Make any CRM work for you

Less paper work | more effective sales | Increase profit by 20%

Slash your paperwork
Double your opportunities
Turn your client base into an asset
Close 25% more business
Add 20% to your profits

This workshop is suitable for any organisation who wants to make their current CRM database work more effectively or are thinking of implementing one

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Free comprehensive manual to step your way to success
Worth £35

Half Day Workshop with full manual - £49

“Not being particularly technically minded I was unsure if the Stepping Stones CRM course would be for me. I am very pleased I went as not only does Nick share how important customer relationship management is, both on and offline, but you get a very comprehensive manual to take away with you too. Nick is a font of knowledge, and not just on CRM systems! He obviously has much experience in many other fields too, including sales & marketing, which adds to the value of the course. One of the things I really liked about the course was the opportunity to do some exercises - especially the one where we found out just how much more business we could be doing. One guy realised he could potentially bring in an extra £1.2million by utilising a fully functioning CRM system!  I would definitely recommend this to anyone, whether you know nothing, little or an average amount about CRM systems.”

Sharon Lynn - Herkimer Publishing & Training

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