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Its not a CRM - its about baking cakes

Its not about a CRM its about baking cakes

The reason why so many CRM implementations fail is people don't realise that what they are doing is really trying to bake cakes.

What do you do when you bake a cake.

  1. You first think about who is going to eat the cake - presumably your closest friends, rather than some bloke who walked past the window and sniffed the air. The chances are that you know quite a bit about them, including what sort of cakes they really like and whether they have nut allergies - in CRM speak that is about knowing which of your clients are profitable and what profile they have
  2. Then you think about what sort of cake they will really like, because you want them to come back and I guess you want to be known as she who bakes cakes among your friends - in CRM speak that is thinking about how you can add value to your profitable clients.
  3. When you have chosen your cake you need to get the ingredients, obviously flour, eggs.... but some things that are specific to the cake you have decided to bake. In CRM speak that is getting the data you need, to build your client relationships
  4. Of course the next step is to follow the recipe. You can't just throw everything into a cake tin. It needs to be mixed in the right way, with the right ingredients, added in the right order - first flour, then butter then milk etc - that in CRM is what we call processes and procedures
  5. Once you have done all that, you then need to put it into an oven for just the right amount of time at the right temperature - that is your CRM database and tools, with the knowledge about how to use them
  6. When your cake should be ready you take it out of the oven and test it to see if it is cooked all the way through. In CRM speak you analyse what is happening to see if it is working.
  7. Assuming the cake is right, you now need to make it special - one fruit cake is pretty much like everyone else's fruit cake - so you get your icing bag out. You know that part of eating is seeing and if you can make this cake really special your friends will be talking about it for weeks. In CRM speak that is about differentiating your service so that you stand out and get good word of mouth. You do this through developing the service you provide.
  8. Why do you want to bake amazing cakes? If you really know who your friends are and the types of cake they like, you can find out where you can meet other people like them . If they know about how amazing your cakes are, may be they will be your friends in the future. In CRM speak that's called lead qualification and nurturing.

Did you notice that in all this you couldn't have baked a cake without the oven but the oven is only one element. You can't bake a cake without knowing what cake you want to cook, great ingredients added in the right way, baked for the right amount of time. Then if you want to get talked about - in the right way - you need to make it special.

What I do in my business is help people like you to bake amazing cakes every time.

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